Packaging and removal

Logistics Link Packaging & Removals service is designed to remove the hassle and stress of office and home relocation. We are aware that historically most businesses in Nairobi hired ask-for-transport operators, rounded up their subordinate staff over some weekend and bundled precious office belongings to a new location.

This process is not only chaotic as office staff take it as part-time (overtime?) and have no specific experience in this exercise and overall, lack project management skills required to deliver painless relocation. At Logistics Link we understand the critical need for on-time scheduling to ensure minimal disruption of your core business during office relocation. We provide planning, advice, resources and partner services to tackle the most demanding commercial and office removals.

We understand that your business is about making money and so if you are grounded during relocation then your shareholders will be looking at stretching your time and effort to make up for lost profits. We compliment your desire to move on with business by delivering a fast, convenient, flexible and cost-effective office relocation service. Same to your home relocation; please call us!